Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy one month birthday Clancy!

We're back from our evacuation and fortunately no damage down here in South Texas. Thanks for all the calls and emails from those concerned; our prayers go to our neighbors not too far north of us who took a major hit from Ike.

Clancy celebrated his one month birthday today pretty much how he spends every other day...eating and sleeping. He is very excited to see G-daddy tomorrow!

The mark of Granny

The only evidence left behind from Granny's trip to Texas was this mysterious mark left on Clancy's cheek.

Just a little dad time on the living room floor. We didn't get to hang out much this week after getting back to work from the hurricane evacuation, so we're taking full advantage now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ike is on the way

The house is boarded up and we are evacuating first thing tomorrow morning. Todd will be flying an airplane to Las Cruces, New Mexico as part of the Navy's hurricane evacuation. Courtney, Clancy, and Jocko are headed to Austin.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

College football Saturday with Dad

Clancy and dad got to hang out and watch the Irish play today while mom and granny were out. It wasn't pretty but his first game was a win against San Diego State. Clancy's outfit is still a little big, but you get the idea. ND class of 2030?

After a long day of football he managed to find his thumb during a nap.

Clancy's first real bath

We'll spare you evidence from the actual bath, but he was pretty happy once it was all over.

Just hanging around the house

Clancy is really putting on the weight; he has gained almost 2 pounds since he was in the hospital! All that eating sure does tire him out.